Code Chemistry

We started out as 7 guys in 2015 in Skopje, Macedonia, with only one thing in mind, to become proficient in building mobile apps and websites. We weren’t traditionally hiring, but we opened our doors to amazing like-minded people who strived for excellence. Fast forward until today, we are currently 30+ people with experience in Web, Mobile, DevOps, IoT, and Design technologies. We have evolved a lot along the way, but one thing has stayed the same, the strive for excellence.


Our footprint

We are generalists. We are not worried about the programming language, or the framework. We only care about the problem and its solution. With our pragmatic approach, we’ve tackled challenges in several industries.

Digital Publishing
Human Resources

Our close-knit team

Costa Halicea
Lazar Nikolov
Software Engineer
UX/UI Designer
Stefan Popovski
Software Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Filip Shtergiski
Software Engineer
Dule Pop-Andov
Software Engineer
Ilija Boshkov
Software Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Angela Mitrovska
Web Engineer
Nikolaj Mihajlov
Scrum Master
Emilija Trajkovska
Web Engineer
Blagoja Dimovski
Mobile Engineer
Dijana Velkoska
Web/Mobile Engineer
Martina Papaliska
Mobile Engineer
Kaltrin Ismaili
Mobile Engineer
Vera Radoeshka
Mobile Engineer
Dijana Gulakova
Office Manager
Account Manager
Martin Mitev
Mobile Engineer
Alen Stankov
Mobile Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Aleksandar Dimitriev
Mobile Engineer
Dusko Klincharov
ML Engineer
Ana Cherepnalkovska
IoT Engineer
Boshko Petkovski
IoT Engineer
Mino Todorov
IoT Engineer
Borivoje Tasikj
IoT Engineer
Ivica Vasovikj
IoT Engineer
Dushko Videski
Software Engineer

North Macedonia

Mito Hadzi-Vasilev Jasmin 18 100 Skopje, North Macedonia

+389 2 3244844


1 Place Ville-Marie, Porte 2500 Montreal (Quebec), H3B 1R1

+1 438 5006263

Are you interested?

We’re always up for the challenge. Let’s talk about your amazing idea and how we can help you achieve it.

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